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Undercover in Peru

Undercover In Peru

Adam’s proudest achievement to date has been the launching of the Undercover knit collection, which he is producing out of Columbia and Peru, where the finest yarns and hand-work can be found. His original designs and multi-functional styles have been a great success. His mixing of yarns and colors are extremely unique and stand out among other knit-wear designers. In addition to his breathtaking knits, Adam has decided to do what he has always been known for, beautiful dresses. From short, sexy styles to long, elegant silk- printed dresses, he continues to dazzle the women one after another. Adam’s plan is to brand Undercover and go global in 2013. “My goal is to have women all over the world be able to wear my designs. But, before I decide to sell other retailers, I want to make sure the quality and uniqueness of the product isn’t compromised. “If my name is on it, it must be extraordinary.” Adam

Undercover Runway Show At Peru Moda