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About Us

About Undercover

Undercover StoreThroughout the twenty years that Undercover Boutique has resided in Los Angeles, it has served as a fashion hub for the trendiest and most fashion conscious ladies in all of Los Angeles, with a dedicated fan base from all over the country. Owner and creative director, Adam Shaffer, prides himself in being a step ahead of the game when it comes to delivering his loyal client base fresh, exciting, and unique fashion that gets them noticed, which always keeps them coming back for more. He travels the world in search of exceptional and distinctive articles of clothing and accessories. His discerning eye and knack of discovering emerging talent keeps Undercover always on the cutting edge of fashion.

Within a mélange of competing boutiques throughout Los Angeles and the ever-commercializing Third Street Promenade, Undercover has continued to endure as the only privately operated boutique on the Third Street Promenade. A visit to Los Angeles, whether from the east coast, mid-west or a neighboring California city is not complete without a visit to Undercover. What started out as a simple beach shop in 1993, while the promenade was still developing, has grown into one of the most well regarded and revered boutiques of the area. Undercover was chosen “Best Store” in Los Angeles Magazine’s “Best of LA” 2002. Pieces have been featured in numerous editorials, red carpets and exclusive fashion events. Elite fashion magazines such as In-Style, Elle, Glamour and Marie Claire have featured Undercover at least once. It was featured on Access Hollywood as Gina Gershon’s “Favorite store in LA” as well as being acclaimed in the Apparel News as one of the top 10 stores in California. Women’s Wear Daily featured Undercover on it’s cover twice and within the magazine numerous times. Undercover continues to attract nationwide attention from media outlets namely for its unique mix of fresh and fabulous finds. After 20 years in business, Undercover has a faithful and ever growing fan base in Los Angeles and from all over the world.

About Adam | Interior Design By Adam

Adam ShafferWith a practiced eye for style and detail, Adam Shaffer can transform a woman from banal to breathtaking in no time at all. With a lifelong passion for aesthetics and design, it comes as no surprise that Adam has built a name for himself as a stylist owning one of the most adored and loved boutiques in Los Angeles. To this day you can pass by the humble storefront of Undercover on the Third Street Promenade and find Adam himself busily working with clients, which is when you can see his passion truly come alive. His keen selection of looks for women is what he has come to be known for. Countless fans claim that Adam changed their lives, single-handedly transforming them .High profile clients like Eva Longoria, Jessica Beil, Brooke Burke, and a long list of others have called on Adam to get them ready for the red carpet.Adam has appeared on several television shows as a fashion expert and make-over specialist. Some of which include: E-Entertainment’s no.1 hit shows “Fashion Emergency” and “How do I look”, MTV’s “Singled Out”, and Soap Talk with Lisa Rinna. He was chosen “Best Style” and owner of the “Best Store” in Los Angeles Magazine’s , “Best Of LA” issue 2002. Adam has been interviewed in several fashion publication’s such as WWD, The California Apparel News, The Los Angeles Times, The LA Weekly, and The Santa Monica Press. He has been known to stage some of the most sought after fashion shows in the city as well.

With the re-opening of Undercover on the Promenade after a brief hiatus from fashion, Adam is at it once again. In the years prior to the re-opening of Undercover, Adam visited many exotic places all over the world. He fell in love with the kinetic energy and vibrancy of South America. “Latin women, he claims, are the epitome of confidence and allure. American brands were growing increasingly predictable and “cookie cutter.” European brands, “overpriced and too serious”. To stock his store Adam several times a year, packs his bags and heads on a multi-city buying spree all over South America to give his clients exactly what they wanted, wow factor! The global finds leave customers consistently amazed. Upon walking in, customers almost immediately gravitate towards the lively knits, crochets and lace commenting on their unique beauty. But these amazing finds are no longer only possible for viewing when passing through Santa Monica. Adam has decided to launch Undercover Fashion on the web, so people can see his amazing designs from all over the world. Adam’s proudest achievement to date has been the launching of the Undercover knit collection, which he is producing out of Columbia and Peru, where the finest yarns and hand-work can be found. His original designs and multi-functional styles have been a great success. His mixing of yarns and colors are extremely unique and stand out among other knit-wear designers. In addition to his breathtaking knits, Adam has decided to do what he has always been known for, beautiful dresses. From short, sexy styles to long, elegant silk- printed dresses, he continues to dazzle the women one after another.

Adam’s plan is to brand Undercover and go global in 2013. “My goal is to have women all over the world be able to wear my designs. But, before I decide to sell other retailers, I want to make sure the quality and uniqueness of the product isn’t compromised. “If my name is on it, it must be extraordinary.” Adam